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Medical Record Reviews

Precise Evaluation for Informed Decision-Making

Precise Evaluation for Informed Decision-Making

At KLM Consulting, we understand that assessing the severity of injuries is a critical step in various domains, from legal cases to insurance claims and medical treatment planning. Our specialized Injury Severity Assessments service is designed to provide accurate and comprehensive evaluations that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions.


Initial Case Assessment:

  • The process begins with an initial assessment of the case, where we gather information about the scope, objectives, and specific requirements for the medical record review.


Document Collection:

  • We request and collect all relevant medical records, including past medical history, diagnostic tests, treatment plans, and any other pertinent documents.


Thorough Document Examination:

  • Our medical experts conduct a comprehensive examination of the collected medical records.
  • We analyze the records for accuracy, completeness, and relevance to the case.


Identification of Key Details:

  • We identify and highlight key medical information, including diagnoses, treatments, medications, surgeries, and any significant medical events.


Data Integration and Correlation:

  • We integrate data from various medical records to form a coherent and chronological overview of the patient’s medical history.


Medical Insights Extraction:

  • Our medical professionals extract relevant medical insights from the records, identifying patterns, trends, and potential implications.


Expert Medical Opinion:

  • Based on the medical record review, our experts provide professional opinions on the medical aspects of the case.
  • We address questions related to diagnoses, treatments, causation, and medical significance.


Comprehensive Report Compilation:

  • We compile a detailed medical report that outlines the findings of the medical record review.
  • The report presents the extracted medical insights, expert opinions, and their potential impact on the case.


Legal and Healthcare Contextualization:

  • Our experts contextualize the medical insights within the legal or healthcare context, ensuring clarity for legal professionals or healthcare providers.


Clear Communication:

  • We communicate the findings and insights to our clients in a clear and concise manner, addressing any questions or concerns.


Collaboration and Consultation:

  • We collaborate with legal teams, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders, offering insights that contribute to the overall understanding of the case.

Our Process

Process for Medical Record Reviews